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Working Class Diva a.k.a Khushboo Mendonca

For a living, this brown girl slays it as a digital marketer by day in good ol’ Mumbai. As Urban Indians exposed to an ocean of opinions around us, we are quick at giving into fads & trends without really making an effort to create a niche for ourselves – we are a one billion plus country… Imagine the power we hold – the Power to Innovate & stand out??

This feeling drives me, along with a dream of running an Animal Shelter, preferably in GOA as a retirement plan – nothing makes me happier than four-legged fur-balls!

Coming back to the point … The West keeps inspiring us, we thrive on their dreams, aspire to be like them but little do we realize how exotic we ourselves are & how each one of us can take charge & make our OWN legacy shine!

The Working Class Diva‘  is a lifestyle blog here to Guide. Inspire. Influence millions of Indians – Men as well as Women 🙂 to BE their best & make better-informed decisions. Here, I tell stories about everything that made an impression on me in NOT ONLY Beauty, Fashion (uhhh cliche) BUT ALSO Travel, Lifestyle, Technology, Entertainment. If I see something I like, I write and share with you.

I am opinionated, HONEST, practical, emotional & at times, BRUTAL. You will love me or Hate me, but you cannot ignore me <face palm>

This is not my bread and butter but a passion so I have absolutely no Qualms being a ‘DIVA’ and saying it like it should be told.

Ta… Lots of Love for visiting. Don’t forget to leave me a comment or say hello on my social media pages.

Eager to hear from ya’ll !